What They're Saying...


"Really fine performance... terrific sound, an excellent recording." - Chris Gekker, Professor of Trumpet, University of Maryland

"Beautifully Done! I hope that others enjoy Lux et Lapis as much as I do." - David Hickman, Professor of Trumpet, Arizona State University

“Colorful, warm sound. Very open, free and allowing… Current is the composition that will come to the fore…” - James Olcott, Professor of Trumpet, Miami University

"Hayes' crystal clear tone announces a project of stentorian melodic statements paired with bold sonorities..." - Georgia Music Magazine

"Compelling CD... Hayes' full sound, excellent intonation, and technical control are put to good use throughout." - International Trumpet Guild Journal (2012)

"Hayes' musical versatility and technical skill are obvious, where he negotiates challending passages with a crisp and clear tone." - International Trumpet Guild Journal (2015)

"From the opening notes of Hendrix’s Anniversary Portrait to the title cut Current, Adam Hayes displays wonderful command of tone, style, dynamics and expression, capturing beautifully the essence of each phrase.  He navigates treacherous twists and turns with true artistry." - Dr. Phil Norris, Professor of Trumpet, Northwestern College

“Fine playing with excellent communication between trumpet and piano… impressive performance, Current is a tour de force.” - Dr. John Irish, Professor of Trumpet, Angelo State University

“An aura of energy… alternately lovely and bold… a noteworthy contribution to our profession.” - Dr. Ken Kirk, Professor of Trumpet, Valdosta State University

“Clear and balanced… nice job!” - Alan Siebert, Professor of Trumpet, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

"Terrific release... a fine model of musical excellence... new and interesting repertoire that we should all be supporting." - Dr. John Cord, Professor of Trumpet, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

“A fine accomplishment!” - Dr. Stephen Jones, Professor of Trumpet, Western Michigan University

"Well played, with sensitivity. The trumpet and piano performances are effective and accurate." - Dr. John Merriman, Professor of Trumpet, Jacksonville State University